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GRABOVOI’S SELF HEALING BOOK: Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers

 inThis method of self healing by applying numerical sequences is simple and very effective. The approach is described in Grigory Grabovoi’s book Restoration of the Human Organism through Concentration on Numbers. In this self healing book, descriptions of approximately 1000 diseases are given and for each the corresponding numerical sequence is given. These number sequences can contain 7,8 or 9 numbers. By concentrating on specific numerical sequences, you are healing from the associated illness. The question arises: why is such a simple act – concentrating on numerical sequences, so effective?

This is about the following: every disease represents a deviation from the NORM. Deviation from the NORM can exist in the body cells, organs or functions of the whole organism. Healing the disease is a return to NORM. Numeric sequences allow return. When working with numerical sequences, by concentrating on them, you identify with the state that represents the norm. The result is healing of the disease.

Rhythms and harmony

To understand the process of that healing better, in this self healing book Grabovoi is speaking about the vibrational system of numbers. Our lives take place rhythmically. The planets are circling in periodic orbits around the Sun.

For the Earth, this represents a constant change of spring, summer, autumn and winter. The Earth revolves around its axis and we experience it as day and night. The same thing happens at the micro level. Electrons orbit in defined trajectories and rhythmic motions around the atomic nucleus. Each of us can hear and feel our own heart’s rhythm. Also, each cell of our body has its own rhythm. The set of all the cells of our body has, again, its own rhythm. There is also a rhythm at the level of the interrelationships of the organs.

In that sense, we can compare our organism with an orchestra, in which a lot of musicians, according to various notes, perform a common, harmonious piece of music. The orchestra, as a whole, sounds different from each musician individually. If only one musician in the orchestra plays wrong, it disturbs the harmony of the whole orchestra. It is lake that in the body. The rhythm of each individual organ, each cell of the body interferes with or harmonizes the whole organism – everyone should play harmoniously. The sound of our body can always be harmonious.

If one organ or function of our body deviates from the NORM, it means the emergence of disharmony as a whole, which leads to disease. We are the conductor of the whole orchestra, who can establish a harmonious sound in the whole body. Rhythm can also be seen, although it may not be visible at first glance.

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